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Category : family photography

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Child Model | Luna Harvey West

What a sweet sweet loving little girl she is.  I was taken by surprise at her willingness to love and to show love right away. She did so great for her rustic session and we were able to fit in three outfits, bubbles and a bombpop at the end.  She will be one to watch as she get’s older. “There will always be those who say you are too young and delicate to make anything happen for yourself. They don’t […]

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Denver Model | Atiyana

I can’t even put into words how lovely and down to earth this little one is.  Her poise and attitude reflected a much older age then nine. She was easy going and breezy and the light loved her.  When her mother contacted me to Atiyana, I couldn’t believe it.  Then when she showed up with her little brother in tow that made things even better.  He was so full of happiness. “There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells […]

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Toddler Model | Emerson

This little firecracker was such a joy to photograph.  She gave me a run for my money and it paid off. You just have to let them be little and allow them to show their 4 year old personality.  Those make the best photos for me.  Anyone can pose but not anyone can show you who they are. I am so thankful that I have found a community here in Denver that allows me to capture such beauty and innocense. […]